Politics and Millennials

There is a scary report out that Millennials on the campus of George Washington University are overwhelmingly in favor of socialism, thinking it inclusive and all for one.  They don’t know about the atrocities attributed to socialism by other governments.  GWU is an expensive, prestigious school.  How can this be.  These young people will vote us into Socialism and then blame everyone else when it fails.  But getting in is much easier than getting out.

 Virginia county and state elections just saw a blue tidal wave.  Hardworking Virginians are nervous about the next year.  With no balance in the state, liberal polices will be pushed onto the citizens without even common-sense pause.  Counties that 15 years ago had gang problems and escalating violent crime rates saw that change under conservative leadership.  Cooperation with ICE, prosecuting offenders, all brought the crime rates down.  That will change very soon as more counties declare themselves Sanctuaries.

 This is not just a liberal/conservative issue.  If a violent thug comes after you, he isn’t going to ask your party affiliation before assaulting you.  When taxes are raised to give more away to support people who have violated our laws, they aren’t just raising taxes on conservatives.

 Citizens need to think for themselves, look hard at the ramifications of their decisions, and take action before it is too late.  Yes, I believe in the 2nd Amendment.  Yes, I believe it is so high on the Bill of Rights for a reason.  Once we lose it, we are ourselves lost.  Not just conservatives, but all of us. 

Thank you,


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