Reason # 3 – Self-Protection, and we all need to protect ourselves

Protecting ourselves, do we need to protect ourselves? This is referred to as self-defense in most cases, so do we have a need for self-defense? Let’s look at a few points. We’re in our own home and someone breaks in to do harm to us. Do we have a right to protect? We’re walking down the street, and someone grabs our arm. Do we have a right to protect? We’re in a public place, let’s say a grocery store of some kind, and we’re approached by someone who looks like they might hurt us. Do we have a right to protect?

I’d like to take each and explore the possibilities. The first point above, “We’re in our own home and someone breaks in to do harm to us.” I think most people would agree, if someone breaks into our home, we have a right to defend ourselves. But, to what degree? I think most would agree that we don’t want to hurt or kill a child or another person. But, what if that person was there to hurt you or a family member? Fox News reports on July 19th the following;

Taymor McIntyre, 19, who goes by Tay-K, was convicted by an Arlington jury of murder and aggravated robbery for his role in the July 2016 death of Ethan Walker in his home in Mansfield, southeast of Fort Worth. (Casiano, 2019)

If is difficult to figure out what to do. This young person had some type of role in the death of his person, Ethan Walker. Did Ethan deserve to die?

What about walking down the street? We’re walking, minding our own business…. Someone comes up to us and has a knife? How many people are mugged? Do they have a right to protect themselves?

It is about protecting those that we love and care for, those that cannot protect themselves and simply doing what’s right. As a criminologist, I know what kind of animals there are in the world. I want to protect my eight-year old granddaughter, my great niece that was born this past year and the little girl next door. I don’t want to hurt anyone, but I should have a right to defend myself, those I care for and love in addition to those who can not protect themselves. How about you? What do you think?

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