Safe Carry is Critical

Recently a young woman in North Caroline died after accidently shooting herself.  While details aren’t available, it is clear she left behind a husband and daughter.  She was carrying a 9mm Smith and Wesson, in her purse. We may never know exactly what happened, but it is easy to make an educated guess.
I am not personally a fan of purse carry, preferring on body carry, but if you need to carry in a purse, you need a carry purse.  I written about this before.  A holster is designed to provide safe transport for your firearm.  It should hold your gun secure and cover the trigger mechanism.  This applies to all holsters.  The goal is safety and security.  A purse is full of all kinds of things.  Yes, most women know what is in there and can, with a little digging find it.  But placing a gun in the bottom of a purse if asking for a tragedy.  A pen through the trigger guard, a lipstick shoved in there then shift the bag and … bang.  It doesn’t take a lot.  Even tucking it into a sticky holster and putting it in a pocket is not secure.  A carry purse has a dedicated, usually zippered, pocket that includes a holster.  There a different sizes, many are adjustable to  change the side or angle of the holster with a Velcro attachment.  This is the only safe way to carry in a purse.  Then, you have no choice but to know where your purse is any moment.  It is a big responsibility, and not one to take lightly.  There is also the extra vigilance to avoid your purse, and your gun, being taken.
You are responsible for the safe carry and handling of your firearm.  Only you can prevent a tragedy.  Even if there is nothing else in your pocket, the orientation of the gun is not guaranteed.  It can rotate, move, not be where you expect it to be when you reach for it.
Use a holster that is properly fitted for your gun and your needs.  There are so many options.  Be safe, protect yourself and those around you.
Safe Shooting.
Thank you,


Lynne Finch

Lynne Finch – I am the author of 4 books, available on Amazon, and at many major outlets. I have been contributing writer for Combat Handgun Magazine and Women and Guns Magazine.

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