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It was in my last blog, which was a while ago – so I apology for not getting this out at little earlier, that I talked about how our schools are “dumbing down” our children. I shared information about colleges changing their thoughts on education.  However, just after my last blog, I ran across a college publication with an article titled, Right to Bear Arms: Students for Concealed Carry.  After reading the article I had two thoughts.

First Thought:  This is just too Cool!

Well, I thought to myself, this is really incredible and just plain cool!  I know “cool” is an old word but I’m over the half way mark in life so cool was a word that I used and I guess still do.  This was giving me hope. Hope that there were students who wanted to take responsibility for their life.  I looked up their web site, and found this overview:

Students for Concealed Carry is a student-run, national, non-partisan organization which advocates for legal concealed carry on college campuses in the United States as an effective means of self-defense.

They seem to have a lot of information on statistics and examples of where students did in fact protect their self in the commission of a crime. They present a pie chart of the types of crimes from 2005 – 2007 on college campuses across was reported by the Department of Education. There were 16,000 assaults and 10,000 forcible sexual assaults of which they stated, and I quote, “amounting to an average of more than nine sexual assaults a day.”

A few of the examples listed are a little old, as it was published in May 2009 but the meaning is the same – college students can and want to protect themselves. But, who listens to these accounts or even reports on them? In 2011 atIndianaUniversity, Lauren Spierer was reported missing. After leaving a fellow college student’s apartment to walk home – she couldn’t be found and was reported missing 12 hours later. Now almost two years later human remains have been found inBrown County,Indianawhere initial reports say the remains are about two years old and Lauren’s parents are waiting to see if it is in fact their daughter. It is assumed that she met some type of violence and was taken against her will. So, if she had a way to defend herself – would she have been taken? Maybe – maybe not.

My Second Thought:  He really said that?

In this article, the Chief of Police reportedly said “that if students were allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus, it would only encourage mass shooters to carry out their plans, bring their fantasies of going down in a hail of gunfire to fruition.” My thought was why would he say that? We have concealed carry in Indiana and it does not promote or encourage mass shooters to start shooting in large populated areas. I, for one, would try to stop someone who started killing people. The Chief of Police continued to say that “while the police department is trained to handle such a situation and is doing everything necessary to protect campus, the response time during a violent scenario could prove fatal.” So, I comprehend this statement to mean – you the student are not capable to handle a firearm to protect yourself and we, the police department won’t always be there as we could be in another situation. So, just stand there and be shot, be the victim and we’ll get there as soon as we can.

In what world do these people come from? He continues to say and is quoted here – “The officers can’t be everywhere. Even they do get a call it takes time to respond. No matter how good an officer is at his job, he can’t respond instantly if he’s across campus.” In my opinion, this is a prime example of the dumbing down ofAmerica.

TheSandy Hooksituation has once again brought firearm restrictions and new legislation restricting people to the forefront. However,Indianais now entertaining the idea of arming school employees to help in deadly situations. Rep. Jim Lucas, who is a Republican fromSeymourwas leading the way to making it mandatory for school personnel to carry a firearm.  He was quoted saying, “basically, these people were defenseless, [and] we know for a fact thatSandy Hook, they did everything by the book.”

An NRA sponsored study was released saying that school should require an employee to carry a firearm. You can see a special report from Investigative Journalist Ginny Simone interviewing teachers and staff  I encourage you to watch it.

What are your thoughts on armed teachers and staff?

The questions now become; do you want your children to be protected by the teachers who are entrusted with them? Do you want your college students, men and women who already have the right of conceal carry, to protect themselves or others in danger? Or, will waiting for campus police or city police to come save the day?

Until the Next Time….. Kitty Austin

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