Shopping for a Gun in your PJs on

For a gun, yes! Can’t find what you want at your local dealer or gun show? That seems to be a common issue these days. Everything is sold out or, IAW the laws of Supply and Demand, EXPENSIVE! What is a harried gun shopper to do? Slip on the fuzzy pants and bunny slippers and let your fingers do the searching.

There are a several websites that sell guns. Just like EBay, you see it, you bid, if you win, you pay! The difference is you will have to have it shipped to your local gun shop or FFL to complete the paperwork. Individuals and businesses list on these sites, and you can find things that you might not find anywhere else.

Guns, accessories, parts, and…No Crowds, no venturing out with your fingers crossed. Just a computer, internet access and you can shop to your hearts content. The newest site to join in the fun is (Love the name) I took a look at their site, they are small but growing. The fees for the seller are quite reasonable. And…it’s guns, what more can you ask for?

Buying an auction item on line is usually pretty safe. Most sellers are scrupulous about listing the item with accurate descriptions. If you have ever bought from any auction site, such as EBay, this is exactly the same. So, instead of trekking out in the cold and snow, slip on your fuzzy socks and your warm, snuggly sweater that you would never wear in public, and browse away. You just might find your next favorite gun.

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Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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