Should I Shop at the Gun Show?

Should I Shop at the Gun Show?Only if you want a great selection and a great deal! A gun show is probably the best place to find the largest selection of guns under one roof. You can find what feels good in your hand, a make or model, even a color and everything you need to go with it. It helps if you have some ideas before you go of what you are looking for. Sometimes the people staffing the table are very knowledgeable and can answer all your questions, sometimes not.

Prices are generally a little better than in a store. Also, a polite smile and a softly asked “Can you help me out a little on this?” can go a long way. I so mean soft because if they give you a discount or toss in something extra, they don’t want everyone to hear it and expect the same deal.

Experienced shooters can find great deals. New shooters, take someone with you who has a knowledge, or do some homework before you go. Most vendors will let you handle the gun, try the trigger pull (but ask first and try not to point it at anyone). If you have any questions, ask. If they don’t know, they can usually pull the owner manual and find the answer, or if it is about accessories, often the dealers can recommend someone at the show. Get their card to take with you, just in case you have questions later.
The only thing I don’t suggest, for a new shooter, is buying a gun from another patron who is walking the aisles with a sign advertising a great price on whatever gun they are selling. If you aren’t experienced you may not know if the gun is a good deal, and you won’t know the origins of the gun.

I love shopping at the gun show, nice people, great selection…I can get a new gun, go a few tables over and buy a holster or case or whatever else I might need.

Buy Smart and Stay Safe.

Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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