Single Gender Training, Good or Bad?

BOTH!  There has been a lot of discussion in some of the instructor groups I’m involved with recently about training, and providing women only training.  Mostly by men.  I have taken mixed gender and one on one lessons, and have taught many men only classes, mixed and some women only classes.  My opinion, it is whatever you are comfortable with.  The important part of to get as much quality training as you can.  The forum is up to you. 
I’ve taken lots of firearms classes.  And I’ve taken one on one training in hand to hand personal defense.  I would like to take a group class, but am afraid to.  I have lots of limitations and needed the time and focus of a personal session to address my work arounds in a safe manner.  I didn’t want to risk getting injured by someone who was at my level.  By working with a skilled instructor I learned how to adapt to situations and practice in a safe manner.
Back to gun classes.  Quality is more important than quantity, but take what you can.  We all get rusty, get a new gun…sometimes just a private hour on the range will work wonders as a good instructor can spot things you aren’t aware of.  For the ladies, there are several groups that are Women focused and offer great training.  Women on Target is the NRA program, A Girl and a Gun is a national organization with groups around the country as is The Well-Armed Woman.  There is nothing wrong with training in a women only environment, if that is what you prefer. Some of these groups run competition clinics if you are looking for that.  It can also be empowering to take your first classes in a mixed gender class.  In my experience most women outshoot the men in the beginner classes.  That is also why I would break up couples on the range.  She didn’t hold back and he didn’t get intimidated. 
Train for Skill, Train for Fun!

Lynne Finch

Lynne Finch – I am the author of 4 books, available on Amazon, and at many major outlets. I have been contributing writer for Combat Handgun Magazine and Women and Guns Magazine.

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