Speak Softly . . by L.B. Johnson

Several years back, not long after I got my first Concealed Carry Certificate I made my first long road trip in my truck with my 1911 in a holster on my hip. I carry because I’m often a woman traveling alone in dark places and because I support the Second Amendment.


I support the Second Amendment as it supports what our country was founded on, the means in which we can protect and defend. The true measure of the patriot is steadfastness. We all have small moments of wanderlust in us, tearing off on paths that others may not follow, testing limits, testing ourselves. That is the nature of man. Yet when we strive to hold true, to stand firm to our beliefs as free men and women, as a group, to carry our weapons and defend our land and our homes, the weak become strong, and the wandering hold together as one. For then we are united in something much greater than the elemental whims of mankind. Together we are much more of the courageous and less of the selfish, we become brothers in arms, one household at a time.

It was a long drive, across the state to visit friends, after work, so it was already dark.  I had a choice of a highway rest stop or the bathrooms in Crown Point (where they apparently lock them to prevent someone from breaking in and cleaning them.  I felt so much safer stopping, as a woman, at a rest stop after dark while being armed. Face it, that “call police, emergency” blue light thing in the rest stops that flashes if I get to it before someone robs or assaults me, is as scary to most criminals as K-Marts blue light special.

Face it, in the wee hours, on a deserted highway 20 miles or more from the nearest cop, the criminal will be having a cigarette 10 miles away by the time armed help arrives. It’s a comforting feeling, especially as a female traveling alone, getting back in my truck with a snack from the vending machines and my 1911.

As I waved goodbye and headed out of the drive for the open highway to my destination, I was thinking about something else Mr. Roosevelt said, about “speaking softly and carrying a big stick”.

I do carry a stick, a tool like many others I own. However, this one is forged from the steel of eternal vigilance. – L.B. “Brigid” Johnson

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