Spring is Here, Time to Run, Jog, Walk or Bike

If you have a Concealed Carry Permit, you probably want to be able to exercise armed, but how? There are several ways to do that effectively. A quick release Fanny Pack works well for biking and walking but not so much for running or jogging. 5.11 and others, make compression shirts, close fitting garments that have wicking properties so you can wear them under a running shirt, and they have Velcro close pockets integrated under the arms, similar to the position for a shoulder holster. Under Tech Under Cover also makes compression shirts, and for the ladies, compression shorts with a built in holster behind the hip. People I know who have tried them compare them to Spanx and say they work fairly well.

Another favorite option is a Remora holster. These holsters are designed to stay in place with pressure from your outer garment, and they stick (not in an icky way, but comfortably) to your skin. So if you are wearing tight bike shorts or running shorts, the Remora will fit very well between you and your garment. Just remember, when you remove the garment, be sure to take hold of the holster because it will fall. I have carried a Remora successfully is a skirt with an elastic waist, so having compression style shorts will really hold it secure. I have women friends who have tucked a compact carry into a Remora and carried comfortably, discreetly and securely in the side of a sports bra. The trick with the Remora is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and fit it to your gun.

There are lots of options to carry securely while you are exercising. Pick the one that works the best for you and go enjoy the spring weather!

Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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