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Gun Free Zones

Lynne Finch

Gun Free Zones. Words that chill my heart, because we all know, in a Gun Free Zone, only honest law abiding citizens don’t have guns. However, not having a firearm doesn’t make up defenseless. I once told someone that in trained hands a knitting needle was an “Assault Weapon”. Think about it, long, strong, pointy…but no, I’m not advocating that you carry knitting needles everywhere you go. What I am suggesting is that you think about what you do have, or could easily add, and practice how to use them. Because if where I work I cannot carry my firearm to and from work. Read More >>

New York First in Gun Control

New York is the first state to strengthen their gun laws in response to the violent shootings at Sandy Hook School in Connecticut and also shooting of first responding firefighters in Webster,NY. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York State signed a more restrictive gun control which was passed by the state legislature in very quick fashion on Tuesday, January 15. Mayor Bloomberg, who was pleased with the law, states that it strengthens NY's already strict gun regulations and shows a concern about public safety over gun possession. Gun owner associations such as the NRA have said that the bill Read More >>

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