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What Does It Mean to Be Politically Correct…In the Gun World?

The phrase “politically correct” has been floating around for quite an amount of time – since before our current generations. However, you may be surprised that “political correctness” actually has nothing to do with politics – but more with the word “polite.” To put it as simply as possible, political correctness is used to describe measures, policies, and language with the intention of avoiding offense. This applies to members of a particular group from within a society who are at a disadvantage. When it comes to gun usage, these groups can be interpreted in two ways: Read More >>

Run, Jog, Walk or Bike continued – what if I don’t have the option to carry a firearm?

Not all states allow concealed carry, and not everyone who lives in a state that does, has a permit.  So, how can you get your exercise and still protect yourself?  Following are some simple tips and ideas.  First, and perhaps most important, maintain your situational awareness.  If you need music, only use one ear bud, do not block out the world around you.  Pay attention to your safety circle, that 21 foot, 360 degree area around you.  Consider the buddy system, traveling in pairs.  Gives you someone to talk to and makes you less of a target. If a car stops to ask you a question, Read More >>

Reciprocity and Reciprocal Carry, Part 2 In A 9 Part Series

Reciprocity and Reciprocal Carry, Part 2 In A 9 Part Series: Why All Of This Attention On Handguns And What Does It Mean? A disproportionate focus on legal regulation of handguns is often a topic of discussion at shooting schools I attend and also engage in with others at an academic level in analyzing topics with firearms. In the theoretical, all things being equal (i.e., shooter skill), most everyone who has studied lethality of firearms, forensics, and ballistics would much rather suffer Gun Shot Wound (GSW) by a handgun than long gun (rifle or shotgun). The reason is simple and not Read More >>

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