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We Can All Breathe Easier

Yep. Heidi Yewman has surrendered her firearm, or as she liked to call it…”weapon”.  Don’t know who Ms Yewman is?  She is an anti-gun activist who chronicled “My Month with a Gun”, starting in Ms Magazine and ending in The Daily Beast, Her stated intent was to show that she was able to get a permit and carry a gun without any training, and she did.  Putting herself, her family and all those around her in jeopardy by her reckless actions. She wrote of the fear, sitting in a Starbucks with a gun on her hip, and children nearby.  Later she wrote of leaving her gun in her purse Read More >>

Vintage Gun Ads on Huffington Post

The claim, they “will make you wince”. Their point was supposed to be about firearms used to be marketed in mass media, shamlessly. Gee, so were cigarettes, cigars, alcohol…and, ladies delicates used to be shown over the top of full coverage garments, compared to the “Angels” of Victoria’s (not so) Secret. I looked at the ads, and it brought a smile to my face. Many of them had a Norman Rockwell vintage feel to them, and it was nostalgic. It is a sign of how far we have come from our roots that firearms are vilified instead of respected in mass media. The Red Rider BB gun has Read More >>

Recent Negligent Discharges at Gun Shows

You have probably read recently that there were five incidents at different gun shows in a single weekend.  Why do I call it a Negligent Discharge (ND) versus an Accidental Discharge (AD) since the individuals didn’t intend to fire a shot?  Because, if you are following the safety rules, you won’t have an accident.  There is negligence involved. By all accounts the individuals involved were experienced shooters, understood the safety rules, and skipped at least one.  Luckily, while there were injuries, no one was seriously injured or killed.  The NRA safety rules call for us Read More >>

Shopping for the Perfect Holiday Gun

So, you want to buy a new baby for your significant other? Great idea, right? Ask yourself, does your SO (significant other) shoot? Do you know what he or she likes? Have they expressed an interest? So often, people come to a beginner class with a gun their SO (usually Husband) bought for them. I’ve seen women come in with a Desert Eagle, a Judge, and a Ruger LCP. These are women who have never shot before! I’m sure there are a few men in this category, but I haven’t had one admit it (although I did buy my husband a shotgun for home defense without talking to him first). What Read More >>

Teach Your Children Young

Do you have firearms in the home? Are they kept in locked containers at all times? Do you have children in the home? If you answered yes to the first and third question, this blog is for you. Kids are sneaky. When I was young, I could find every Christmas gift, unwrap it, look at it, and put it back without my parents knowing any better. If you keep a gun tucked in the back of the closet, don’t think they don’t know. There are two keys to keeping your kids safe. First, a gun safe. You can find reasonably priced small gun safes that you can keep near the bed that have a handprint embossed Read More >>

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