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Gun Whisperer – You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Dear GW, I think I should carry my gun all the time, at home and out and about. My husband thinks I’m deluded to carry at home, that we have good locks and an alarm, who needs a gun on their hip? Can you weigh in on this? Armed and Ready Dear Armed and Ready, I’m with you, carry wherever you legally can. Most of us recognize the dangers lurking outside our homes and understand that concern. However, the recent attack in NJ that was captured on a nanny-cam illustrates that danger can come to us, anywhere, anytime and without warning. The horrifying video showing the Read More >>

The Formidable Tony Aleo of Tony’s Customs, LLC

As general counsel for the firearms network, I am sometimes privileged to personally visit with some of my friends in industry, and even luckier, in getting to tour their factories and facilities. Despite the frenzied pace of firearms manufacturing in the current state of affairs, where there is a threat to owning AR-15s, our friends’ Tony and Donna Aleo took the time on Monday, February 18, 2013, to let us tour factory in Wauseon, Ohio. The Aleo’s make each part with love, care, and attention and ship each and every AR part as soon as possible. In a world where everything is mass Read More >>

Gun Whisperer – You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Dear Gun Whisperer, My Husband wants to get a gun for home defense.  It is just us, no kids…yet.  But, Guns scare me.  He thinks I’m being unreasonable but I’m not sure I want one in the house.  What should I do? Signed, Sleepless in the Suburbs Dear Sleepless, Are you afraid of your car?  Lawnmower?  Stand Mixer?  These are tools, in the right hands they produce good results, in the wrong hands, they can be dangerous.  Ever watch how fast the beaters spin on the mixer?  Guns are tools.  Alone, they are completely harmless, it takes human intervention to make them work.  Read More >>

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