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Women Only Versus Mixed Gender Classes?

I have taught single gender classes, all men, but only because no women signed up for that class. I haven’t taught a Women Only class yet, but they are in the plan. However, why are women only classes becoming a trend? More women are coming into shooting, and taking initial training toward Self-Defense. That is obvious, and a good thing; women should know how to defend themselves and their families. I think there is fear of coming to a “Gun Class” and being surrounded by a bunch of good ole boys who will look down on, or snicker at, a woman in the class. Having taught a lot of classes Read More >>

A Tool of Last Resort

Lethal Force

My gun is a tool of last resort. I have a legal and ethical obligation to meet force with like force. I can’t justify shooting someone who is my size and attacking me with a rolled up newspaper, no matter how angry I might be. I carry lots of different tools to help defend myself. I have also taken personal defense training so I have some idea what to expect if I get hit and how to hit back. I encourage women to train for personal defense, armed and unarmed. Martial Arts are great exercise, but modern Martial Arts are more choreography than defense. Look for a program the focuses on Read More >>

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