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Handguns and High Heels

As a woman who shoots, it is amazing to me how often I hear “you don’t look like the type”.  Those of us who shoot came to it for our own reasons, some from fear, some for fun.  We come from all different backgrounds, professions and age groups.  We are young, old, short, tall, skinny, full figured, …  What we share is a love of the sport and often a strong sense that we are valuable and empowered.  We are smart, we are strong, and we enjoy having fun.  Many of us are professional women, educated, productive, and caring.  We are sisters, wives, moms... I have heard it so Read More >>

Slide Stop versus Slide Release

The little button on the side of the gun that locks the slide in the open position is called a Slide Lock or a Slide Stop. So, why do some people call it a Slide Release? Because that is how they use it! First, it is a small, thin piece of metal and can break if used roughly over time, such as for a release. Second, your gun may fail to go into battery (ready to shoot) if you use the slide stop as a release, and you may not know until you are ready to shoot! Yikes! Don’t take my word for it. Look closely at your gun with the slide locked open. Note where the slide is in relation Read More >>

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