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The Glock 42

Glock introduced their single stack .380 compact pistol. I had to opportunity to see it at Shot Show in Las Vegas recently. I also had the chance to shoot it. Slightly larger than a Ruger LCP, it fit reasonably well in the hand, it is a small, but not tiny, gun. It shot smoothly, in true Glock fashion. While many expressed the wish that Glock would introduce a single stack 9mm, it appears that they felt the need to introduce a “pocket pistol” to meet the perceived market demand. While not my first choice for a carry gun, this was much easier to shoot than the Ruger LCP, and slightly Read More >>

Gun Whisperer – You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Hey GW I’ve never shot before and I’m looking to buy a pistol for self defense, what should I get? Signed, Newbie Dear Newbie, First, I would suggest training, with a qualified instructor.  Firearms are not like Point and Shoot cameras, and one size doesn’t fit all.  Check your local ranges for recommendations on instructors, they are a pretty good source.  An instructor will often have one or two guns you can try, and many ranges rent firearms.  The idea is to get a feel for what fits your hand the best. For personal defense, especially if you are going to carry Read More >>

1911’s Love ‘em or Hate ‘em

What am I referring to?  1911 pistols.  The 1911 was designed by Jim Browning in…you guessed it, 1911.  While there are multiple manufacturers and variations available now, they all have the distinctive shape and “tang”, as well as being a Single Action Semi-Automatic.  Often carried “Cocked and Locked”, meaning you have to rack the slide to chamber the first round, then set the safety to on to carry it.  You can’t decock the hammer to carry or it won’t fire. I’ve had the opportunity to shoot a few, and I’ve seen 1911s ranging from very basic to shiny chrome with Read More >>

Who’s in Your Safety Circle?

What is a safety circle? That is your personal perimeter, your “on guard” zone, no one should enter your safety circle without your awareness. The diameter of your circle may vary depending on your location, but a general rule of thumb is 21 feet, which is the distance an average person can close on you in about 2 seconds. For those of us who are challenged estimated feet, it is about two car lengths in any direction. You safety circle is especially important in public places like parking lots where so many bad things; robberies, car jacking, etc., can happen. Most people will pass Read More >>

Do I Have To Disclose My Ownership Of Firearms To My Doctor If Asked On Medical Paperwork?

Must read post today over at Ciyou & Dixon Law's blog regarding disclosure of gun ownership on medical records. Here is the link to the blog post -- Do I Have To Disclose My Ownership Of Firearms To My Doctor If Asked On Medical Paperwork? Read More >>

Feet, not just for picking your teeth!

Ok, bad joke, but it probably got your attention.  Feet are very much on my mind right now.  I recently discovered a new Safety Rule.  ALWAYS wear shoes when handling your firearms.  Some of you are thinking, “Duh” and some are wondering “why?”. Recently I was removing a Henry .22 rifle from its soft case (it was unloaded, cleared and cleaned) so I could put it in the safe.  It slipped.  I’ve been well trained not to grab my guns if they fall, let them go (you never know).  Well, it went, and landed on my foot.  My first thought was “I hope I didn’t damage the Read More >>

Unintended Consequences of Gun Ban Talk

I had the chance to visit “The Nations Gun Show” in Chantilly, Virginia the weekend between Christmas and New Years.  This was not my first time, but I went Friday evening after work and it was the first time I had to stand in line at that time of night.  I’ve never seen it so packed!  Friends visited on Saturday and Sunday and reported lines an hour long just to get in, and dealers being sold out of many commonly stocked firearms by Saturday noon. The administration and the anti-gun groups are pushing gun bans in light of the recent tragedies.  Unintended consequences include a Read More >>

Have you ever considered teaching?

There are so many things I love about being a Firearms Instructor that I can’t cover them all. For me, one of the best is taking someone who is brand new and guiding them through their first couple trigger pulls and watching their smile form as the nerves settle and the fear goes away and they discover THIS IS FUN! If you are an experienced shooter, with a passion for shooting, you are a candidate.  Visit the NRA Instructor website and look for a Pistol Instructor Course, this is usually the entry into teaching.  This should include the Basic Instructor Training (BIT) which covers the Read More >>

Code Words to Protect Your Family or Loved Ones

Does your family have a “Code Word”?  If you had to send someone to pick up your children how would they know it was safe to go with a stranger?  If your home were invaded and a family member were able to escape and call the police, would they be able to provide the officers with a code word to call out to you in the house so you know it is the police? Code words should be simple, easy for everyone to remember and a family secret. You can use your code word to let the family know that there is an emergency, to check in with each other or to let them know that a stranger is Read More >>

Why Some People Believe that Guns Should Be Illegal

I have researched this question, and interviewed several on the anti-gun side; from one who just didn’t want a gun in the house, to people who didn’t want anyone to have a gun in the house. I don’t care for cigarettes but I recognize that they are legal and I will not lobby to have them outlawed just because I don’t want anyone else to have them. According to the CDC in 2006, last up to date numbers, there were 30,896 total firearm related deaths, of which, 642 accidental, 16,883 were Suicide, 12,791 were Homicide, 220 were Undetermined and 360 by Legal intervention. In the same Read More >>

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