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Response to Violence – Citizens Are Pushing Back

Across the country, we have seen instances of random acts of violence, assaults on our homes, neighborhoods and communities.  They are frightening and remind us of our vulnerability to fall prey to selfish thugs who only care about themselves and what they can get with minimal effort.  They aren't interested in working for what they want, they want you to work for it so they can take it from you. There is a growing trend coast to coast.  Citizens are pushing back.  There are events such as Light the Night, Neighborhood Watch groups, and neighbors looking out of their windows in response Read More >>

Trip to the Gun Show is like Disneyland from Grownups

If you’ve never been to a gun show you are in for a treat!  Be prepared for a plethora of sights, sounds and smells.  At a large show you will likely hear a symphony of duck, turkey and deer calls.  The smells include cleaners, jerky, the intoxicating scent of gun oil on a shiny new firearm…and the people!  Young, old, in-between, camo, khaki, jeans, and often a few interesting alternative forms of dress.  Antique firearms and swords, exotic wood rifle stocks, amazing selections of pistols, shotguns, rifles…modern, old west style…holsters, sights, leather, magazines, ammo, safes, Read More >>

Recent Negligent Discharges at Gun Shows

You have probably read recently that there were five incidents at different gun shows in a single weekend.  Why do I call it a Negligent Discharge (ND) versus an Accidental Discharge (AD) since the individuals didn’t intend to fire a shot?  Because, if you are following the safety rules, you won’t have an accident.  There is negligence involved. By all accounts the individuals involved were experienced shooters, understood the safety rules, and skipped at least one.  Luckily, while there were injuries, no one was seriously injured or killed.  The NRA safety rules call for us Read More >>

Unintended Consequences of Gun Ban Talk

I had the chance to visit “The Nations Gun Show” in Chantilly, Virginia the weekend between Christmas and New Years.  This was not my first time, but I went Friday evening after work and it was the first time I had to stand in line at that time of night.  I’ve never seen it so packed!  Friends visited on Saturday and Sunday and reported lines an hour long just to get in, and dealers being sold out of many commonly stocked firearms by Saturday noon. The administration and the anti-gun groups are pushing gun bans in light of the recent tragedies.  Unintended consequences include a Read More >>

Berretta 92G 9mm – Taking A Closer Look

In the spirit of getting the most bang for your buck, we will be reviewing this police trade in Berretta 92G 9mm purchased for the princely sum of about $425. Some of you may be saying, hey. I can get two fully functional Jennings.380s at the pawn shop for that kind of money. Yeah, you could; or you could get one of the best designed high capacity service pistols in the world. You know, the one the USmilitary carries into high mountain caves and back alleys around the world. Few people today recognize the heritage of this iconic firearm, with it’s roots traced directly back to the Walther Read More >>

Should I Shop at the Gun Show?

Only if you want a great selection and a great deal! A gun show is probably the best place to find the largest selection of guns under one roof. You can find what feels good in your hand, a make or model, even a color and everything you need to go with it. It helps if you have some ideas before you go of what you are looking for. Sometimes the people staffing the table are very knowledgeable and can answer all your questions, sometimes not. Prices are generally a little better than in a store. Also, a polite smile and a softly asked “Can you help me out a little on this?” can go Read More >>

The First Gun Show

I remember my first gun show…it was a big one!  Aisle after aisle of everything I could imagine, most of which I had no clue what it was.  Who knew rifles came in colors?  It was kind of like going to the fair without the rides. I had never seen so many guns in one place.  New ones, antique ones, tiny ones, HUGE ones…and the accessories.  It makes a shoppers heart skip a beat.  Then there were the peripherals, the belt buckles, T-shirts, hats, training companies, a Safari company…all I could think was Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!  Probably should have thought Ruger, Read More >>

Four Things You Need To Know Before You Go To A Gun Show

Four Things You Need To Know Before You Go To A Gun Show At Gun Shows Today (GST), we know the 2nd Amendment Rights to keep and bear arms is a substantial right, but also a big responsibility attached with the purchase or possession of a firearm. In this blog post, GST provides you with (4) things you need to know about gun shows before you go. This is to make attendance a pleasurable event without any legal complications. Non-Dealer Transfers and Sales In some states, there is no requirement that personal sales or sales from private collections be effectuated buy the completion of an Read More >>

Part II: What You Need To Know About Buying Your First Gun Safe.

Part II: What You Need To Know About Buying Your First Gun Safe. Threat As alluded to in the last paragraph, prudent safe owners consider the threat it is intended to thwart in advance. By Gun Shows Today - your #1 source of gun show schedule dates and locations. For instance, a safe to prevent a burglar from stealing its contents may have different construction than one intended to maintain the contents in an intact fashion through a raging fire. In addition, the threat may be the elements themselves, such as with valuable papers or data (e-files). It does little good to have the Read More >>

Can I Buy A Gun At An Out-of-State Gun Show or Shop?

Can I Buy A Gun At An Out-of-State Gun Show or Shop? Maybe. Local and state laws may limit or prohibit the purchase of a gun at an out-of-state gun show or shop. Every FFL holder must follow these laws even if they are contradicted or incongruous with federal law. However, (if permitted) federal firearms law may allow a non-resident (not otherwise prohibited) to purchase a firearm out-of-state. The purchase is the payment for the firearm. The federal firearms law provisions trigger on delivery and possession. What this means is that a gun show attendee in another state may purchase a Read More >>

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