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Old School Fun – Smith and Wesson Model 41 .22LR, 5.5 inch heavy barrel

With the price and availability of ammunition at ridiculous levels, it falls to the lowly .22 caliber Long Rifle to satisfy the practice demands of a frustrated sporting public.  Pistol shooters have never had such a good selection of polymer framed revolvers and autoloaders in .22 to choose from.  But I like my pistols in steel and walnut, with hand-fitted parts and craftsmanship that companies can’t offer with today’s labor cost.  Let’s take a look at one of the best .22 handguns that Americahad to offer from the 2nd Golden Age of Firearms. I found this blued beauty sitting in Read More >>

Shopping for a Gun in your PJs on

For a gun, yes! Can’t find what you want at your local dealer or gun show? That seems to be a common issue these days. Everything is sold out or, IAW the laws of Supply and Demand, EXPENSIVE! What is a harried gun shopper to do? Slip on the fuzzy pants and bunny slippers and let your fingers do the searching. There are a several websites that sell guns. Just like EBay, you see it, you bid, if you win, you pay! The difference is you will have to have it shipped to your local gun shop or FFL to complete the paperwork. Individuals and businesses list on these sites, and you can find things Read More >>

Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Lethal Force

How often have we heard that expression?  But it is true?  Have you ever read a story about a gun loading itself, aiming and pulling its own trigger?  I haven’t, all the stories I’ve heard had human intervention.  I could, if I really wanted to which I don’t, kill someone with a 2x4 board, pencil, a knitting needle, my car…as easily as a gun.  It takes a deliberate action to pull the trigger and make the gun go bang.  Living an armed life means being a responsible citizen, someone who walks away when some jerk is trying to start something, someone who apologizes and steps back Read More >>

To OC or Not to OC?

Few discussions spark the debate that Open Carry, or OC, does. Many states allow open carry with restrictions that vary by state, and sometimes at lower municipal levels. Those who are in favor claim it can be a deterrent to crime, a reinforcement of our 2nd Amendment rights, and that it gives one quicker access to their firearm. Plus, if you have a really fancy gun or holster rig, it is your chance to show it off. On the other side, some believe it can cause a criminal act to escalate faster because they see the gun and are more likely to shoot first. Another argument is that it Read More >>

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