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Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Lethal Force

How often have we heard that expression?  But it is true?  Have you ever read a story about a gun loading itself, aiming and pulling its own trigger?  I haven’t, all the stories I’ve heard had human intervention.  I could, if I really wanted to which I don’t, kill someone with a 2x4 board, pencil, a knitting needle, my car…as easily as a gun.  It takes a deliberate action to pull the trigger and make the gun go bang.  Living an armed life means being a responsible citizen, someone who walks away when some jerk is trying to start something, someone who apologizes and steps back Read More >>

Defending Your Home

Duty to retreat?  Castle Doctrine?  Stand Your Ground?  These are all legal concepts that vary from state to state.  The Gun Laws By State book available on this website can help you sort them out.  However, what about defending your family? First, do you have a plan?  Can you get your family together in one room if someone breaks in?  Does everyone know what to do?  Have you thought about what to do if someone comes in during the day?  Do you have an escape plan?  Have you practiced your plan? It is often said that “nothing in the house is worth dying for”, referring to Read More >>

Blue Guns for Training?

What is a blue gun? It is a piece of plastic or wood that is shaped like a particular model of firearm but is completely inert, it is not capable of firing a projectile and has no moving parts. They are available in a wide variety of models. I have three. Why? A couple reasons, Training, Training and Training. I can use a blue gun in a class to demonstrate things such as grip. I will explain to students what it is, hit it against a table, but it allows me to point it in directions that would not be considered safe with a real gun (even though it has been unloaded and two safety checks Read More >>

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