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Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People

Lethal Force

How often have we heard that expression?  But it is true?  Have you ever read a story about a gun loading itself, aiming and pulling its own trigger?  I haven’t, all the stories I’ve heard had human intervention.  I could, if I really wanted to which I don’t, kill someone with a 2x4 board, pencil, a knitting needle, my car…as easily as a gun.  It takes a deliberate action to pull the trigger and make the gun go bang.  Living an armed life means being a responsible citizen, someone who walks away when some jerk is trying to start something, someone who apologizes and steps back Read More >>

Legal Aspects of Personal Safety – Upcoming Event

1.12.2013 Legal Aspects of Personal Safety Bryan L. Ciyou, will be a panel guest at the Legal Aspects of Personal Safety seminar, discussing Gun Laws By State and how the new healthcare legislation opens the door for a gun grab and various other local (Indiana) and National gun law topics. Click here for more information and to download the flyer and registration form. Read More >>

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