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Run, Jog, Walk or Bike continued – what if I don’t have the option to carry a firearm?

Not all states allow concealed carry, and not everyone who lives in a state that does, has a permit.  So, how can you get your exercise and still protect yourself?  Following are some simple tips and ideas.  First, and perhaps most important, maintain your situational awareness.  If you need music, only use one ear bud, do not block out the world around you.  Pay attention to your safety circle, that 21 foot, 360 degree area around you.  Consider the buddy system, traveling in pairs.  Gives you someone to talk to and makes you less of a target. If a car stops to ask you a question, Read More >>

Gun Whisperer – You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Asking Questions Many new shooters look to more experienced shooters for advice and suggestions.  What if you don’t know anyone?  There are a lot of sources of information.  Talk to the people working at your local range, ask an instructor, or…send us your question!  Do you remember Dear Abby?  Welcome to Dear Gun Whisperer.  The guest bloggers on this site have lots of experience as shooters, instructors and…well, offering opinions.  If you have a question you can email and ask your question, then watch for your answer to appear in the gun blogs on Read More >>

Teach Your Children Young

Do you have firearms in the home? Are they kept in locked containers at all times? Do you have children in the home? If you answered yes to the first and third question, this blog is for you. Kids are sneaky. When I was young, I could find every Christmas gift, unwrap it, look at it, and put it back without my parents knowing any better. If you keep a gun tucked in the back of the closet, don’t think they don’t know. There are two keys to keeping your kids safe. First, a gun safe. You can find reasonably priced small gun safes that you can keep near the bed that have a handprint embossed Read More >>

Reciprocity and Reciprocal Carry, Part 5 in a 9 Part Series

Reciprocity and Reciprocal Carry, Part 5 in a 9 Part Series: Common Areas and/or Events in States Where a License May Not Be Valid For Carry In Part 4, I touched upon a key point that every person who carries a handgun with a license to carry in his or her own state, or in a reciprocal state, must understand to avoid continual violations of penal law and risk of arrest and prosecution: A license to carry a handgun is not a blanket right to carry throughout (anywhere in) the state. There are numerous places that always except licensees (such as federal buildings, as the federal government Read More >>

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