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Shot Show 2013

This was my first trip to Shot Show, which is an annual event open to members of the Firearms and Outdoor industries only.  It was held in Las Vegas…Elvises and guns, what more can you ask for? For those who have not had the opportunity, or are not familiar with Shot Show, which is put on by the National Shooting Sports Foundation, it is somewhat like a Gun Show on steroids.  It is to gun shows what the Trans Siberian Orchestra is to Christmas Carols.  There were celebrities, pro-shooters, vendors of every description,  new technologies, guns, knives, outdoor gear… I had the Read More >>

Ruger 77/44 44 Magnum

The rut has started, frost is on the pumpkin, and Deer Season for firearms is here in the Great Hoosier State.  For most Indiana hunters, that means it’s time to dust off their Mossberg 500 and switch their dove gun into a rifled slug thrower.  A few will carry their scoped in-line muzzleloader, hoping to stretch their long distance skills on that 200 yard buck in the next field.  The Hoosier Gun Guy will proudly be carrying a new issue Ruger 77/44 chambered in 44 magnum, composite stocked, stainless action and barrel, topped with a Millet DMS 1-4x 30mm illuminated reticle scope.  Read More >>

The First Gun Show

I remember my first gun show…it was a big one!  Aisle after aisle of everything I could imagine, most of which I had no clue what it was.  Who knew rifles came in colors?  It was kind of like going to the fair without the rides. I had never seen so many guns in one place.  New ones, antique ones, tiny ones, HUGE ones…and the accessories.  It makes a shoppers heart skip a beat.  Then there were the peripherals, the belt buckles, T-shirts, hats, training companies, a Safari company…all I could think was Lions and Tigers and Bears, oh my!  Probably should have thought Ruger, Read More >>

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