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Gun Whisperer – You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Dear GW, I think I should carry my gun all the time, at home and out and about. My husband thinks I’m deluded to carry at home, that we have good locks and an alarm, who needs a gun on their hip? Can you weigh in on this? Armed and Ready Dear Armed and Ready, I’m with you, carry wherever you legally can. Most of us recognize the dangers lurking outside our homes and understand that concern. However, the recent attack in NJ that was captured on a nanny-cam illustrates that danger can come to us, anywhere, anytime and without warning. The horrifying video showing the Read More >>

Blue Guns for Training?

What is a blue gun? It is a piece of plastic or wood that is shaped like a particular model of firearm but is completely inert, it is not capable of firing a projectile and has no moving parts. They are available in a wide variety of models. I have three. Why? A couple reasons, Training, Training and Training. I can use a blue gun in a class to demonstrate things such as grip. I will explain to students what it is, hit it against a table, but it allows me to point it in directions that would not be considered safe with a real gun (even though it has been unloaded and two safety checks Read More >>

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