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Virginia Tech’s (Second) Campus Shooting

Virginia Tech’s (Second) Campus Shooting (12:08:11)

It Takes a Hard Look to Make Sense of a Senseless Act By Gun Shows Today Staff. In the wake of Virginia Tech’s second on-campus shooting in a few years, the GST staff thought this tragedy worthy of serious contemplation. To date, the April 16, 2007, Virginia Tech shooting spree, during which 32 people were murdered by a lone gunman, before the gunman killed himself, marks the greatest loss of life by a shooting at a U.S. college or university. Now again . . . . Who, or what, is responsible? At fault? To blame? As a point of departure, keep in mind humans have attempted to answer Read More >>

The Elmore’s Firearms Burglary in Greenwood, Indiana


A Case Study for FFLs and Individuals By Gun Shows Today Staff. At Gun Shows Today, we advocate safe and lawful firearms ownership. We do this by providing you with accurate, high-quality, thought-provoking educational information for the firearms community through media releases like this blog post. We are of the fundamental view with news of the day, both good and bad, such as when Charlton Heston held a up a (replica) Sharps rifle up at the 129th NRA Convention and famously uttered the words, “From my cold, dead hands!”, to very recent night time smash and grab at Elmore’s Read More >>

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