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Gun Whisperer – You Have Questions, We Have Answers

Dear Gun Whisperer, I went to the range to practice last weekend and couldn’t hit my target for anything!  With ammo so expensive, I hate just throwing it away without seeing any value in my practice.  What can I do? May as well be Shooting in the Dark Dear Shooting in the Dark, We all have days when we go to the range and feel like we are wearing oven-mitts.  First, give yourself a break!  Next...take a deep breath and reset, just like re-booting your computer. Start with the fundamentals, where are your feet, are your knees flexed, is your body in the correct position, Read More >>

Improve Grip Strength and Improve Your Shooting Accuracy

Many times I have heard people (gun store employees, instructors, shooters) say that women don’t have the hand strength to rack a slide, they should try a revolver. Really? A slide averages about 18 pounds of pull to rack it, that is with your whole hand. A Double Action revolver trigger is often around 12 pounds of pull, with the tip of one finger. I’ll take the slide, please! My hand gets tired pulling the trigger on a revolver. But what can you do? First, ensure you have the right position, gun in close to the chest, support hand cupped over the top of the slide, and use a push Read More >>

Two Most Common Mistakes for New and Experienced Shooters

The two problem areas I see most, for both new and advanced students, are grip and trigger control. Granted they are more of a problem for some than others, and some people are amazing shooters even while not following through on some of the fundamentals but for most people, if you want to take your shooting to the next level, you need the right grip and good trigger control. The Semi-Auto grip starts with your strong hand. Lay your hand over the gun, index finger along the frame and the webbing between the thumb and index finger high on the backstrap.  Wrap the remaining fingers around Read More >>

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