The Formidable Tony Aleo of Tony’s Customs, LLC

As general counsel for the firearms network, I am sometimes privileged to personally visit with some of my friends in industry, and even luckier, in getting to tour their factories and facilities. Despite the frenzied pace of firearms manufacturing in the current state of affairs, where there is a threat to owning AR-15s, our friends’ Tony and Donna Aleo took the time on Monday, February 18, 2013, to let us tour factory in Wauseon, Ohio.

The Aleo’s make each part with love, care, and attention and ship each and every AR part as soon as possible. In a world where everything is mass produced overseas, I can say I was inspired that some of the best things in the world are still made in the U.S., right at the hand of Tony Aleo. I only wished I could describe in words some of his prototypes he showed me.

I hope to be shooting it at my next carbine class. Don’t believe me? Check out Tony’s Customs website.

All work and some play – here is Bryan in Tony’s office playing with some of his inert “toys.”

By Bryan L. Ciyou, Esq.

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