The Times They Are a Changin’

To quote Dylan, things are a changing’ and some don’t think it is for the better.  You are here, so you have some interest in the Shooting Sports, and presumably in the preservation of the 2nd Amendment.  It started in California and New York, fairly quietly.  Then, BOOM, Virginia with massive proposed anti-firearm legislation and threats of enforcement by the National Guard.  The most egregious bills seemed to have died in committee, but the legislature isn’t done.  Bans and serious restrictions for ranges, Red Flag laws without due process, Universal Background checks, restricting access to minors, the list goes on.  Those are just the firearms related bills, there are many more.

If you don’t think this is an orchestrated attack on our rights and way of life, you aren’t watching closely enough.  Bills with nearly identical wording are popping up across the country.  Now, if it wasn’t orchestrated, would you expect the language to be nearly identical?  This isn’t just Virginia, it’s Colorado, Utah, Ohio, Kentucky, Texas, Georgia, Tennessee…This is all of us.

Most of us have politics fatigue at this point, but don’t let it distract you.  The next two years are pivotal for this country and voting is essential.  This year, the presidential election.  Not even talking candidates but look at their philosophies and vote your heart.  The following year are a lot of state elections, again, vote your heart.  Sitting out is no longer an option.  In 2019 the turnout in Virginia for state elections was ashamedly low.  The result, the Commonwealth flipped from purple to blue for the first time in a generation and it only took a couple weeks before the “Assault Weapon” and standard capacity magazine bans were pre-filed. 

There is a statement circulating asking “What can a government do after disarming the citizens?  Anything they want.”  History proves this to be true.  At the Rally Day in Richmond Va Jan 20, there were between 22 and 50,000, mostly armed citizens in a space of a few blocks.  Zero injuries, no shots, only 1 arrest, of someone not old enough to be armed who refused multiple requests to remove her face covering, AND the attendees brought trash bags and cleaned up when it was over!  If guns were the problem, we would know.  It is time to wake up and got out the vote, before it is too late, and we are left wondering how did we get here.

Ways to get involved, see if your state has a Citizens Defense League, such as Virginia Citizens Defense League, they are great for keeping you abreast of what is happening in your state.  The DC Project is ladies from every state who rally in DC once a year, and they are implementing chapters at the state level, they are looking for volunteers.  Try google or a FaceBook search.  Attend as many city, county, state meetings as you can.  It is much harder to make unpopular laws when people are watching.  It is time to be aware, be active, stay civil, but watchful.



Thank you,


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