Top Six Reasons Why You Should Own a Gun

Should you buy a gun? There are plenty of anti-gun people who will tell you that owning a gun is wrong. But is it? For starters owning a firearm is a constitutional right guaranteed by the second amendment act of our constitution.

The first president of our great nation, George Washington, stated that the only thing more important than firearms was the constitution itself. With that being said, what are the main reasons why you should own a gun?

Offers a sense of freedom

According to a survey conducted by Pew Research Center, 74% of Americans who own guns opine that gun ownership gives them a sense of freedom. And indeed, there is a sense of freedom that comes with owning a firearm.

This is especially since you feel less dependent on the state for your personal safety. Carrying a gun gives you the assurance that you can handle any situation should it arise. This is probably the reason why our founding fathers put such emphasis on the right to bear arms.

Personal security

The world is not perfect, and there are countless evil people. These are the kinds of people who will not flinch at harming you or your loved ones. Based on statistics, 67% of gun owners own guns for self-protection.

Additionally, 68% of Americans feel safe in neighborhoods that allow guns. In case of an emergency such as a home invasion, seconds matter. However, it takes minutes for the police to respond to a distress call.

In those minutes, an intruder may have fled with your valuable possessions or worse caused you or your family members harm. Having a handgun close by will ensure you are not caught unprepared, and you can easily protect yourself and your family.

For hunting

While self-protection tops the list of why people buy guns, this is largely so for people who live in cities and suburbs. For those who live in rural areas hunting tops the list. 48% of rural gun owners own guns for hunting.

Hunting rifles have been around for centuries. Back in the day, hunting was the primary means of sourcing for food. Meat from wild game is organic and lacks any additives. And there is nothing like taking down your wild duck for thanksgiving.

Hunting isn’t done for food alone, though. Many different wild animals pose a threat to our crops, homes, and even ourselves. Animals such as coyotes can be a menace, and their population and range keep increasing.


Others, such as raccoons are also a nuisance that needs dealing with. If you don’t feel comfortable with a rifle, then there are countless air rifle guns you can get. Air rifle guns can be used for pest control and are less lethal compared to rifles.

Air rifles will come in handy when you need to deal with raccoons and other small animals that keep ravaging your lands.

Hunting taxes and licenses

Hunting is a highly regulated industry in the country. So much so that 60% of the money that goes to wildlife agencies and conservation systems comes from hunting licenses and gun taxes. Currently, only 5% of Americans engage in hunting.

This number is set to decrease in the next ten or so years, which means that we could see the end of an important industry that contributes immensely to state coffers. For people in rural areas, this is yet another reason why owning a gun for hunting might be a good idea.


Increase discipline, focus, and concentration

Not everyone can handle a firearm. You need to practice your shooting skills regularly to be able to handle a gun with the respect it deserves. There are many skills you will pick up from firearms training.

Hand-eye coordination is one of the skills you will improve on. Firearms training will most likely involve the use of a scoped rifle. A rifle scope will help you acquire your target easily. Using these accessories will significantly improve your focus and concentration.

With great power comes great responsibilities. And owning a firearm comes with its set of responsibilities. One area where we all agree, whether you are anti or pro-gun, is that people with mental problems should not be allowed to own guns.

Owning a gun requires mental focus and adds a level of responsibility. Also, training with a firearm will build on your stamina, which ultimately is good for your health. Training with different firearms helps you be able to withstand their recoil.

Reduced crime rate

When you think about it, it seems ironic to suggest that gun ownership equates to lower crime rates. However, the statistics seem to suggest otherwise. Back in 1984, when DC banned guns, murder rates in the state increased by up to 73%.

Today, countries with the highest crime rates prohibit gun ownership. In contrast, countries where gun ownership is allowed, have lower crime rates.


There are many illegal ways for criminals to access firearms. This is proved true by the high crime rates in countries where gun ownership is prohibited. Therefore, denying Americans the right to bear arms is not the solution to the problem of criminals with guns.

However, law-abiding citizens with guns can be the difference between life and death in an emergency situation. Furthermore, the police cannot be everywhere at once; there will always be instances where law enforcement agencies are too far away to act.

In such instances, having a member of the public with a gun can mean a big difference. This is probably why many Americans feel safe in neighborhoods where weapons are allowed.

Also, based on statistics, the rate of gun-related deaths has historically decreased. In the mid-1990s, the death rate from gun-related incidents was at 15.6 deaths per 100,000 people. In 2017 that number stood at 12 deaths per 100,000 people.

Overall, there are some excellent reasons for owning a gun. More importantly, there are several positive consequences of gun ownership. Most of which you will not hear in the news.







The Author, Glen Artis of OUTDOOREVER, is a gun and hunting enthusiast who has been hunting for over 7 years now.

When not out in the field hunting or in the gun range he enjoys sharing his wealth of knowledge through contributions on blogs.

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