We Can All Breathe Easier

Yep. Heidi Yewman has surrendered her firearm, or as she liked to call it…”weapon”.  Don’t know who Ms Yewman is?  She is an anti-gun activist who chronicled “My Month with a Gun”, starting in Ms Magazine and ending in The Daily Beast, Her stated intent was to show that she was able to get a permit and carry a gun without any training, and she did.  Putting herself, her family and all those around her in jeopardy by her reckless actions.

She wrote of the fear, sitting in a Starbucks with a gun on her hip, and children nearby.  Later she wrote of leaving her gun in her purse (never a good idea) on the counter in the kitchen while she went outside.  She feels she made a point.  I agree, she made the point that she is reckless and has a disregard for safety and responsibility.

Ms Yewman claims her gun has been converted into a piece of art.  I’m normally opposed to the destruction of an innocent firearm, but I will make an exception in this case.  I feel safer knowing that she is no longer walking about armed, and seriously dangerous.  She did highlight one thing I can agree with.  Owning a firearm is a right and a responsibility.  If you are going to have a gun, get training, practice and follow the safety rules.  Responsible ownership is safe ownership.

Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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