What Does It Mean to Be Politically Correct…In the Gun World?

The phrase “politically correct” has been floating around for quite an amount of time – since before our current generations. However, you may be surprised that “political correctness” actually has nothing to do with politics – but more with the word “polite.”

To put it as simply as possible, political correctness is used to describe measures, policies, and language with the intention of avoiding offense. This applies to members of a particular group from within a society who are at a disadvantage.

When it comes to gun usage, these groups can be interpreted in two ways: those who use guns and are ostracized by those who do not use guns – and those who do not use guns and are threatened by those who do.

For each of these groups of people, political correctness means something completely different – but they both meet up at a common ground. However, to understand political correctness when it comes to gun usage, you need to know the overall meaning of political correctness.

Political Correctness – A Definition

As mentioned, political correctness is all about the acceptance, the tolerance, the sensitivity, and the censorship that you adopt in order to not offend those who have different opinions from you. In order to be politically correct, you need to respect the beliefs of different parties, behaving “correctly” with them so that order could be maintained between groups.

This means that if you are a gun user, you should not go around flaunting and showing off your gun at every step – just as non-gun users should not ostracize or judge those who do. Different opinions should be approached carefully, and by no means should they be judged.

To be politically correct, it means that you have to find a middle way to “appease” both parties – and find arguments that would make you win a debate. For example, someone may say that guns are dangerous – but if you put it that way, guns are supposed to be dangerous. In the US, guns are mainly used for self-defense – so if it will not bring harm to your enemy, not a lot of defense will be brought upon you.

People say that “guns kill people.” The more politically-correct way of saying that would be that guns save lives. By depriving someone of their right to bear arms, you are depriving them of their right to protect themselves.

It is true that some people do not use guns for self-defense reasons – but this is exactly why permits are a necessity. Let’s take an example: in the event that the wrong person walks into a public place owning a gun, the lives of many people are put in danger.

However, if one of the people in the crowd is the owner of a gun, then the life of many people can be saved. In that case, it may be politically incorrect to say that guns cause crime. In fact, in this situation, guns may stop a crime. This is why the time and place need to be properly considered.

Concepts of Political Correctness in Gun Usage

In order to be a politically-correct person, there are certain aspects and concepts that you need to stand by when walking with your gun in public – or absence thereof. Here are some of the concepts that are directly associated with political correctness:

  • Tolerance: No matter if you are a gun owner or not, tolerance is key when it comes to political correctness. For example, non-users should respect the right of carrying guns for owners who need self-defense – just like gun owners should respect the rights of others that want nothing to do with guns.
  • Sensitivity: Deriving from tolerance, this means being sensitive about other people’s opinions about ownership, without judging them. It means finding the “middle way” – to try to understand their point. For example, if other people do not like guns, try putting yourselves in their shoes. This will prevent you from being insensitive towards them – and therefore, will allow you to be politically correct.
  • Censorship: You need to learn how to censor your actions so that your idea of freedom does not interfere with other people’s idea of freedom. For example, while your idea of freedom may involve you sipping from your tea with your gun on the table, other people may feel their freedom revoked If they see the gun so close to them. When you are within a society, you have to act accordingly and censor your movements so that the other is not affected by your actions.
  • Freedom of Expression: If your thoughts about gun ownership do not interfere with what other people believe in, then you are completely free to express your thoughts. It is politically correct to express your beliefs regarding gun use and control – but it is politically incorrect to push your belief upon others.

Don’t underestimate the power that guns have over our society. At the same time, don’t try to write them off as dangerous and disposable. While some people are right to believe that guns can be dangerous in the wrong hands, they can also be a blessing in the right hands.

This is exactly why people have to be politically correct and try to consider both camps. As a politically correct person, you need to learn how to adjust your views so that others are not offended or scared by you.

Sometimes, this may mean that you have to hide your gun. Other times, it may mean that you have some explaining to do. Even humor may be adopted in order for someone to be politically correct; as long as the situation does not lead to conflict, you have reached your goal.

Final Thoughts

It’s fairly difficult to be politically correct these days, particularly since gun use is such a controversial topic. Some people believe they should be banned forever because they put civilians at risk. Others believe that this is exactly what keeps people safe since guns are used for self-defense.

A politically-correct person will know exactly how to behave so that the other person will not feel offended – no matter if they are gun users or not. Being politically correct is all about respecting boundaries and being sensitive of their beliefs.

Jay Chambers – Pro Free Speech Writer, Disaster Survivalist, Business Owner. Believes in Resiliency and Self Sufficiency in an Increasingly Unpredictable World.

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