What to do about school shootings?

Over the last two years, since President Trump has taken office, it seems that the voice of the conservative is met with distain.  When I look at the school shootings, questions come to mind.  But, to get the answer to those questions is difficult.  The media and those that want to take our guns, don’t always want to answer nor even hear the questions that plague me.  As someone who helps people in pain, I abhor the violence and killing that has been happening in our schools.  But, is the answer to take our guns?

Being someone who works in the medical field now, it surprises people to know that I’ve been shooting for over 50 years, owned my first rifle at 9 years old and hunt deer with my father and husband every year.  But, I’ve also worked in the prison setting where rapist and murders are sent for life.

I had an opportunity to talk with someone who is very vocal in the media with his opinions and we started talking about the school shootings and how someone should do something.  More security at the schools he stated, stricter laws on the purchase of firearms and more money should be put in the schools for education and the safety of our children.  Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m for keeping our children safe and putting money towards education rather than tossing money at the prison system but we can’t look at it with tunnel vision.  At some point during the conversation I told him that I was pro-gun.  He didn’t know what to say at first, and you must remember that he is a client.

A few things that I talked about included Germany and how Hitler came to power and removed or took the guns away from the German people.  He didn’t know that and was surprised.  And, I know this is an old argument, but it seems to me that it is a valid one, when a person requires other people to protect them, what happens with the people who are doing the protecting?  From my perspective, those people have the power and power has a way of corrupting.  What happens when another Hitler comes around?  What happens when a young girl is being raped, where are the people who are sworn to prevent and protect?  An older person is being beaten for the 10 dollars in their pocket?  Where are those that gave their word to protect?

As I come back to where I started from today, we all want the same thing ultimately.  We want to live in a society where we feel safe.  We want our children to go to school and be safe.  How can that happen?  Isn’t it about learning to listen to the questions and coming up with responsible solutions?  Why can’t we sit down and work out a solution?  I find not only resistance but people, who I thought were friends and had an open mind, at every turn whether in person or on social media belittle and attack me on a personal level for what I think or believe.

If we want to save our children, shouldn’t we stop judging based on “whatever is politically correct at the time” and start talking, start figuring out what really works in today’s world for our children and their future?  It’s not about joining the current political bandwagon and wrestling guns away from responsible, law abiding people. It’s about providing a safe, educational environment where children grow to be strong, respectful, self-reliant and contributing adults.  The decisions made today impact future generations.  The right to keep and bear Arms is necessary to the security of a free State.  We must not let that right be taken away.

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