Who’s in Your Safety Circle?

What is a safety circle? That is your personal perimeter, your “on guard” zone, no one should enter your safety circle without your awareness. The diameter of your circle may vary depending on your location, but a general rule of thumb is 21 feet, which is the distance an average person can close on you in about 2 seconds. For those of us who are challenged estimated feet, it is about two car lengths in any direction.

You safety circle is especially important in public places like parking lots where so many bad things; robberies, car jacking, etc., can happen. Most people will pass through your circle, barely noticing you.  But there are those who have other ideas. No one should enter your circle without your awareness. If you are putting babies into car seats, are your other doors locked? Are you keeping an eye on the windows so you can see people coming up behind you? If you are putting away groceries, are you so focused on the task that you don’t see the person walking up on you or is your cart blocking easy access to you and you are scanning your immediate area with each bag you lift into the car?

Know who is in your circle and what they are doing. Parking near you, walking with purpose to their car, or…something you need to respond to. Be aware, trust your instincts and stay safe.

Lynne Finch-Charlesworth

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