You Want to Buy a Gun for the Woman in Your Life?

It is a world gone crazy, you think a gun would be a good way to keep the woman in your life safe, and you want to gift her a gun to get her started.  Common response, but not a great way to start.  Men tend to buy one of two types of guns when shopping for a woman.  Small and pink or something they secretly want hoping she’ll hate it, win-win.  Experienced shooters know that the selection of a firearm is very individual, one size does not fit all.  My GLOCK 19 fits my hand perfectly, but may not be ideal for you.  It could be too long to the trigger, the back strap may be too wide or narrow, the square-ish shape may not be comfortable in your hand while it is perfect for me.

You want to introduce a woman in your life to shooting, start her off right.  There are many books that address beginner issues, but two are excellent resources written specifically for women.  They cover information that a beginner would not know to ask as well as how to find your fit with a gun.

The Cornered Cat is written with practical advice and wit by the brilliant Kathy Jackson.

Taking Your First Shot, by me, Lynne Finch, has been described as a conversational tone, easy to read with excellent advice and lots of pictures.

Either or both of these will set a foundation to build upon.  Both are available on Amazon.

You can go to a range that rent guns to try out a few or go shopping together and let her hold, fit, and enjoy her new gun.  The best gift you can give is a class with a qualified instructor.  There are a lot of women only classes offered across the country, but it depends on her.  She might be comfortable in an open class, or gender specific.  The key is a “Qualified Instructor”, ask about credentials, who certified him or her, and reviews from past students.  The first class sets the tone for her shooting life, and it is important to have a positive experience.

Many men think they can teach anyone to shoot.  Some can.  I see many at the range, she gets a mis-feed and instead of correcting her grip, they clear the gun and hand it back, or she has thumbs crossed behind the slide (good way to lose the top of your knuckle) and they don’t correct it.  These are only two of many examples.  I’ve heard from women who have been shooting successfully for years, who read my book and wrote to share something they learned, such as how to understand dominant eye.  I’ve talked to many who learned from their significant other, read the book, and said they had no idea about many of explanations for why they should do something.  Bottom line, shooting can be great fun for couples, but a solid foundation of understanding and learning is critical.

Start the journey slowly and with a strong foundation and you can build a lifelong love of shooting.


Lynne Finch

Lynne Finch – I am the author of 4 books, available on Amazon, and at many major outlets. I have been contributing writer for Combat Handgun Magazine and Women and Guns Magazine.

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